Macdaras Island Dive Report – July 23rd to 26th, 2021 As a club we pride ourselves on being adaptable and […]
Bofin Dive Report – June 18th to 25th, 2021 Many thanks again from me to you all for your support […]
Looking forward to what’s to come, here’s a bit of what was last season. Waterville was the club’s first weekend […]
Late 2017, the dive season is over, and I am thinking about doing a wreck trip at some point. Scapa […]
Fifteen divers made the trip over on Saturday morning with two ribs and three compressors and a whole load of […]
Dashing out of Dublin for the ferry crossing, some divers headed for Roonagh and others took the RIB’s across from […]
Giant Congers, small sharks and a side order of Dolphin. The journey to the trainee weekend in Killary began in […]
A big thank you to all that made it last night to the Pool Gala and Pizza event! it was […]
January… Belated New Year’s wishes! Well we’ve hit the ground running in January with snorkeling starting the first day of […]
This year the Curragh Sub Aqua Club celebrates its 60th anniversary. To mark the occasion we celebrated in style with […]