For the August Bank holiday this year a small group of 14 divers headed to North Donegal in the hope of getting some spectacular diving. We were not disappointed. Last weekend the winds were blowing strong from the south and southwest across the country however we were lucky to be in the right place at the right time.  North Donegal was one of the few locations where diving was possible and we  took this opportunity and headed out to Tory Island.  On arrival we were greeted  with flat calm seas, blue skies, sunshine and 20+ metres visibility with shoals of Pollack and Mackerel. The diving was excellent, and during  our surface interval we landed in West town to make our mark, eat sandwiches, drink coffee and chat to locals.

Sunday and Monday took us to Portnablagh harbour where we were in striking distance to Horn head and Duncap Isle where we continued to be embraced with fabulous diving in calm conditions, we had three more really great dives there with good vis and loads of life, canyons, gullies and colour on the walls.  It was enough to make us forget the ‘occasional’ torrential downpour!!!

I would like to thank everyone for their  help and support in making this trip enjoyable. A special thanks go to all the towers, bottle fillers, log sheet fillers and divers  who collectively pulled together to make this a truly memorable weekend.

Thanks again.


Stephen Mulhall