Perhaps you’ve learnt how to scuba dive abroad with the PADI or SSI system and you’re wondering why would I want to dive with a club? What will a club offer me? What can a club do for me?

Firstly there is the financial consideration… the Curragh have an annual subscription. Our fee is €440 for the year plus €130 for comprehensive global insurance cover and registration with the governing body – CFT (Affiliated to CMAS, similar to PADI). No need for DAN insurance anymore.

So what else do you get for my fee? If you do every dive available in Dublin it is less than €6 a dive. If you dive once a week in Dublin during the season this is less than €18 a dive. As a club member you can easily clock up over 50 dives a season in Dublin and that is all covered by the annual fee. Apart from your refills at €2 each there are NO extra or hidden charges. Some clubs offer low entry costs and then a fee per boat dive, we believe our model is more transparent, and rewards the active diver.

  • All diving in Dublin is included at no extra charge, there is no pay per dive, it’s all covered.
  • We dive a minimum of three times a week in Dublin (weather permitting) and more if the demand is there. In the summer of one season we had a record 10 days of back to back diving due to the incredible weather.
  • So if you dive once or twenty times in Dublin the costs are the same. In fact the more you dive the cheaper it works out.
  • In house compressors; we can fill our own bottles for €2.00. We also have a Nitrox blending panel to mix our own gasses.
  • A clubhouse beside the sea, with ladies and gents changing rooms and hot showers to use. Kitchen facilities and lecture room.
  • We have 2 x 6.5m Rigid Inflatable Boats that can transfer 18 divers to a dive site when we have a full complement of divers.
  • When the season is ending and the nights draw in we start ‘Night Diving’ from the clubhouse. You don’t need to do a specialist course for it.
  • We have a mentoring system within the club, so regular members can take new recruits under their wings and help them along.
  • We have a large number of instructors in the club who can help you develop your diving skills.
  • There is no charge for training other than the minimal registration fees.

At the Curragh Sub Aqua Club, we are all about being a club. We have a mentoring system within the club, so regular members can take new recruits under their wings and help them along. Being it from organising dives specifically for that person, to helping with advise on purchasing of equipment the mentor can help out. On our weekends away we house share which is a great way to get to know people in the club and to make friends for life.